What Not To Do Following A Fire

fire damage restoration IdahoWe have all learned the importance of fire safety and prevention like the old saying “stop, drop, and roll” and never to play with matches. Most of us also understand the importance of having fire alarms and smoke detectors in our homes to alert us if a fire occurs. It is also common knowledge to have a fire escape plan for your home so you and your family are prepared to act quickly if a house fire occurs. As important as it is to know what you should do if a fire breaks out, it is just as important to know what NOT to do in the aftermath of a fire

Fire Damage Restoration Idaho

Here are some things to avoid if you find yourself dealing with a fire in your home:

  1. Do not try to put out the fire yourself, even if it is small or appears contained, unless you have had enough training on doing so. Fires can escalate quickly, and every second counts in safely getting everyone out of danger. The top priority is to evacuate the home immediately, not attempt to put out a fire that is not responding to your efforts.
  2. Do not open doors without checking them first. Doors can act as barriers to the flames, and opening a door that has flames directly behind it can cause those flames to rush toward you. Before opening any doors, feel the handle for heat. If it is hot to the touch, do not open it and escape through an alternate route. Also, remember to stay low if there is smoke in the air to avoid smoke inhalation while exiting the home.
  3. Do not re-enter your home, whether the flames are still burning or extinguished until it has been deemed safe by a professional. Fires cause structural damage, and entering an unsafe home can be dangerous due to compromised structural integrity, not to mention the risks of lingering smoke, electrical circuit malfunctions, and gas leaks as well.
  4. Do not attempt to clean up after a fire on your own. The residue left behind contains harmful toxins that can cause severe irritation to your eyes, nose, throat, and skin. Byproducts left behind from a house fire are hazardous to your health. Without the proper protective equipment and cleaning solutions, you risk spreading those byproducts around and exposing yourself to harm.

When dealing with fire damage restoration, safety is paramount. Knowing what to do and what not to do can help keep you and your family safe and increase the chances of a successful fire damage restoration. Professional fire damage restoration companies have the proper training, certification, experience, equipment, and protection to help get your home back to its pre-loss condition. Do not risk putting yourself or your family in harm’s way – instead, call Precision Fire and Flood. We offer fire damage restoration services here in Southeast Idaho and will be there when you need us most to handle the entire fire damage restoration process safely.